World-Class Science

We’ve spent years mastering the tools of clinical diagnostics to deeply understand the variety of methods used to analyze biomarkers and understand why many of them require complicated and expensive equipment. After analyzing today’s assays through the lenses of physics, chemistry, biology, and engineering, we emerged with a fundamentally new approach that enables us to provide clinical-grade diagnostic testing in an easy-to-use at-home form factor*.

Developed by world-class scientists who graduated from Harvard, MIT, and other top-ranked research institutions, we are committed to rigorous and open review of our science. Our scientists have published in Nature, Science, Cell, and many other peer-reviewed journals and are excited to continue this tradition.

We will release technical details and submit clinical and analytical data to peer-reviewed journals as we get closer to FDA submission. In the meantime, if you’d like to learn more, get in touch!

Science! Comraderie! Duckies!

Clinical-grade insights

Because we believe that taking control of your health requires clinical-grade data, we have ensured that our tests achieve the same or greater sensitivity than what is possible with a hospital clinical analyzer*, the device used to analyze your blood or urine in a hospital diagnostics laboratory.

Our technology has been developed in full compliance with Food and Drug Administration regulations for at-home, direct-to-consumer products. Our clinical data has been obtained through IRB-approved studies, ensuring that our research is in compliance with all federal and state regulations. Every one of our tests will be registered or cleared with the FDA before they are marketed and sold.

We’ve set such a high bar for rigorously vetted science and regulatory compliance because you can’t cut corners when it comes to your health.