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Serendipitous Discovery

Confer was founded to use rigorously vetted science and technology to help a friend in need, and that spirit continues to run through our veins.

Throughout his PhD at Harvard Medical School, Dr. Mounir Koussa studied the workings of the inner ear at the nano scale with a purely scientific mindset. But during a chance trip to a drugstore, one of his closest friends lamented about her frustrations with at-home pregnancy testing, which got Mounir thinking — if this technology can be used to measure a single molecule in the lab, what’s to stop us from using it at home?

Mounir successfully developed the science he used for his PhD into a diagnostic platform that he published in Nature Methods. After completing his dissertation he unleashed his curiosity for quantitative diagnostics, founding Confer to go back to the drawing board. Rather than trying to adapt existing hospital technologies for consumers, a team of world-class scientists at Confer built a fundamentally new diagnostic platform from scratch, designed from day one to bring clinical-grade sensitivity into the home.

We are radically focused on enabling proactive healthcare

Designing for people.

We are always asking questions, digging deeper, and listening intently in our quest not just to know, but to understand. We achieve greatest impact by applying our technology where and when people need it the most.

Going above and beyond.

We want to be the Pepper Potts to your Tony Stark. Knowing what’s going on in your body is empowering, but knowing what to do with that knowledge is where things get complicated. We’re here to guide you through every step of the journey.

Building advanced science and technology.

We approach every inquiry with skepticism. We push boundaries, test assumptions, and always apply the highest standards of rigor to verify our findings. We hire the brightest minds and expect nothing less than ground-breaking results.

Rigorously vetting our ideas.

We’re scientists at heart, and believe that rigorous validation is key to making meaningful advancements. We benchmark our tests to external labs, we run clinical studies, clinical trials, usability tests, and submit our work to peer review to uncover what needs fixing so that we are always improving.


The Team

We’re a bunch of nerdy scientists, designers, engineers, and clinical experts with a love of life, a sense of community, and a fervor for revolutionizing health testing. Meet the crew who makes this company so awesome.

Photo Christopher Blanchard
Associate Scientist

Photo Dr. Arun Richard Chandrasekaran
Senior Scientist

Photo Dr. Daniel Chen
Senior Scientist

Photo Rebekah Coelho
Clinical Research Manager

Photo Lisa deBettencourt
Vice President, Design

Photo Joshua Forman
Founder and Chief Product Officer

Photo Padric Garden
Associate Scientist

Photo Dr. Mounir Koussa
Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Photo Nick Lancaster
Vice President, Engineering

Photo Ross MacLeod
Senior Software Engineer

Photo Chamath Palihapitiya
Board Member

Photo Asa Riley
Software Engineer

Photo Chaya Rusk
Operations Administrator

Photo Dr. Zhi-Yang Tsun

Photo Consuelo Valdes
Senior UX Designer

Photo Dr. Andrew Ward
Senior Scientist

Photo Professor Wesley Wong
Scientific Advisor


We love interns! They bring excitement and a new perspective to our team, while contributing to our innovation and knowledge base. Here’s who we’ve worked with recently:

Photo Siera Lavin
Research Assistant

Photo Evan Wlodlowski
Research Assistant